Open A Boutique


Cool Approved Marketplace selects the most creative and innovative individuals in the world.  We take pride to unite our clients with the best product and brands.  

If you are a designer with amazing collections, a stylinista with a fashionable closet or a store owner with an unforgettable brick and mortar and etc...; then apply to open a rental boutique with us.  

We have membership requirements that must be adhered to and met in order for you to become a member.  Our decisions are firmly based on the following below:

  • Seller's product quality, creativeness and limited availability / exclusiveness.
  • Seller's visual presentation of product.
  • Seller's professionalism and ecommerce / retail experience.
  • Seller's vast and endless inventory.
  • Seller's capability of meeting their client's demands.


  • Access to an online rental platform.
  • Ability to rent and sell your product on an exclusive marketplace.
  • Uniting with a talented community that heightens your brand.
  • Reinforcing your abandon and overlooked items. 
  • Putting to use your huge inventory of items.
  • Marketing and promotion for your brand.
  • A storefront that you can edit to your liking. 
  • Recognition to your storefront since its a limited marketplace. 


  • Low monthly fee $9.99 and 20% transaction fee on all items rented or sold.
  • Free listing fee and unlimited live listings. 
  • Credit Card or PayPal fee of 2.9% and .30 cents.
  • All boutiques must stock a minimum of 30 items at all times.
  • All rented items to be Dry Cleaned or Fluff & Fold after each usage.
  • All boutiques will participate with the "Free Shipping On Orders Over $50". More information, go to Seller's Tips & Guidelines.
  • All product images requires clean and presentable photography. Have fun and be artsy but stay within a consistent theme or style.  If you are renting or selling brand items please take photos of the labels, tags and/ or authentic information.   
  • Create an account.
  • Message us if you have any questions or concerns.