How It Works - Vendor

Cool Approved Marketplace makes the online clothing rental business easy to operate.  So do not feel you are not ready when all you need is your product and you.  You do not have to ever leave your place of business or residence.  Shipping and Cleaners will pickup and drop off for you.  

We are here to assist you.  Just contact us and we will guide you in every phase of the business.

Steps following below on how it works to run an online clothing rental business on the Cool Approved Marketplace platform.

Setting Up Your Storefront.  

*It is like any storefront online, just setup shop.

  • Register Cool Approved Marketplace
  • Open Your Storefront
  • Upload Product, Description, Rental Prices
  • Banner, Company Policy, Return Policy, Contact Info, etc

    First Rental

    *What do you do when you receive rental notification.

    • Client's card is automatically charged for rental fee and a return hold is placed on card.
    • Register with Shyp. Shyp is a service that will pick up your items, professionally package and ship them to your clients.  Just make sure you inform Shyp to include return label with polymailer in your packaging. 
    • If you want to ship the items your self, then sign up to Shipstation and you will receive free Stamps account.  
    • Items to include in your package: product, return polymailer bag labeled with return label and thank you card.
    • Schedule pickup on Stamps and they will pick up your packages.

      Client Returns Item

      • Create a return bin and place used rentals in the return bin.  Schedule cleaners pickup and have your local cleaners to pick up the used items. The cleaners will clean the items and drop it off to you.
      • If you want to clean the items yourself then make sure it is Dry Clean / Fluff & Fold.
      • Once the item is clean then go into your storefront and check in your item as available to rent again.  We recommend to rent the item 15x so you can make over double the profit. Then mark it for purchase / clearance.

        Client Returns Item Late / Doesn't Return At All

        • Contact us and we will assist you in charging their card for a late fee or retail price of item if they do not return the item.

          That is it. You can run your own rental business without leaving your store or home.