How Does Cool Approved Work?

You can rent or buy items from various boutique owners on the Cool Approved Marketplace.  

How Do I Sign Up?

Go to the top of the homepage and locate the menu bar.  At the far right, you will see "Account".  Once you click on "Account", a log in pop up menu will show.  Go to the bottom of the pop up menu and at the far right you will see "Sign Up".  Click on Sign Up and create your profile.

How Do I Select Items To Rent?

Every product image is labeled "Rent" or "Buy".  Click on the items that is "Rent".  Once you are at the item's product page, a calendar will pop up.  Click on the dates you want to rent.  After you select the dates to rent, then the "Add To Cart" button appears.  Click on the button to add to your cart and checkout.   

How Does The "Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 Per Boutique" work?

If you rent or buy $50 or more in one boutique, you will receive free shipping by that boutique.  This does not apply selecting items in multiple boutiques unless it is $50 or more in each boutique.  

Each boutique is a separate store like shopping at Zara and then shopping at Topshop.  Two different boutiques.  For example use only, not real promotion: So if you spend $50 or more at Zara you will receive free shipping.  But you can not spend $15 at Zara and then $35 at Topshop to receive free shipping.  It has to be only at one boutique.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is free if you purchase $50 or more within 1 boutique.

It varies with each boutique.

How Many Pieces Can I Get?

Unlimited amount. You can rent and buy as many pieces that you want.

How Do I Receive My Items?

After you checked out your items from the cart.  The seller will give you a tracking number and ship your items to you.  Most likely via USPS shipping.

How Long Do I Have To Wear The Items? 

The dates you selected on the calendar is your rental dates.  So you can wear the items within that time frame.  

Do You Ship Internationally?

Currently we do not ship internationally.


How Do I Return The Items?

Once you receive your shipment.  An envelope with the return shipping label is included with your rented items.  On your return date, put your used items in the envelope.  (You do not have to clean the items, we will clean it for you.) Then put the envelope in your mailbox to ship out or any USPS drop box. 

What If I Don’t Return The Items?

In the event a garment is not returned by the end of your return date or not at all, you will be charged a $50 per day after your return date.  

Can I Purchase The Item If I Like It? 

If the item is reads rent then message the seller to see if it is eligible to buy.

What If I Accidentally Stain / Damage An Item?

We understand wear and tear happens that is why we offer $5 insurance.  If you do not have insurance then the stain & damage repair is 20% of the retail price.  Also, it the item is beyond repair then we charge full retail price of the item.  If the item is never returned then we charge double the price of the item.

How Long Is The Rental?

It depends on which rental you pick.  It is either 4 day or 8 day rental. 


Do I Have To Clean The Clothes?

No.  After you wear the items just ship it back to the seller.  The seller is responsible for cleaning all items that are rented.  

How Are The Items Cleaned?

All items are professionally dry cleaned or fluff and fold.

What If The Item I Ordered Doesn't Fit?

Contact the shop owner immediately.

Is There A Waiting List To Rent Items?

It depends on the shop owner's rental policy.  Contact the shop owner.

How Can I Make Changes To My Order?

Contact the shop owner and they will further assist you.

How Can I Cancel My Order?

Contact the shop owner and they will further assist you.

My Order Hasn't Arrived Yet, When Can I Expect To Receive My Order?

All items being shipped will have a tracking number.  You should receive a tracking number in your email.  If not, then contact the shop owner to get the tracking number.

What Is The Late Fee Policy?

In the event a garment is not returned by the end of your return date, you will be charged a $50 late fee the day after your return date.

What If My Rental Ends On A Sunday or Holiday?

Although USPS is closed Sundays and holidays, you can still take your return packaging to a USPS drop box. If you can't make it to a drop box on your rental return date, please mail your order back by 12pm the next business day. 

What If My Items Doesn't Fit In The Pre Paid Returned Packaging? 

Send the extra items back on your return date using 2-day shipping. Email a photo of the receipt to the store owner and they'll reimburse the credit card you used (up to $20) for your Cool Approved order. You should be reimbursed within 4 days of when you sent the email. 

What If I Lose The USPS Return Envelope Sent With My Rental?

Contact the shop owner and they can email you a copy of the USPS label but you are responsible for the packaging.